Guntaas K Chopra, eBritish IELTS, Sector 34, Chandigarh

Mommy of a cute little angel, Rubayat

A child care is not just about a place where you leave your child and he/she will be taken care of but importantly it is place where your child grows in every aspect and this is the place to go to. The staff here is so warm and takes care of each child in a way the child demands to be taken care of, giving them a feel of home away from home.
Kudos to team Giggle and Grow!

Meenu & Ankush, Infosys, IT Park, Chandigarh

A very active couple of our most obedient boy, Agastya

Team GAG is so efficient and caring that our 2.5 years old is already singing the rhymes that he is learning at play-way with his favourite Kiran Ma’am. It really gives us joy to see how beautifully they celebrate every occasion and make it special for our kids.
Thank you Team Giggle & Grow! Keep rising & shining!

Maninder, AIRTEL, IT Park, Chandigarh

Mommy of one of our 3 Musketeer, Anhad

My son Anhad had a wonderful 1.5 years at GAG. My biggest concern when I enrolled him at 2 years old was that the place has to be safe, above anything else. I found the whole team so loving, caring and trustworthy that I didn't ever bother to check the CCTV feed after the initial 2-3 months.
Ritvik and Neha are just excellent with kids, and get involved with development of each child at individual level. The curriculum is easy on the child, with team activities every day. Another thing I loved about GAG is the celebrations, all kinds of festivals are celebrated and taught about equally. There's a lot of focus on physical activity and peer learning. Kids resolve their issues themselves. I was overwhelmed to see the camaraderie of children with each other and with the teachers, they all feel like a big happy family. And I love the way they have not commercialized childcare like the bigger chains, everyone is very approachable and flexible right from the teachers to the founder. My son still misses the place. I would recommend GAG to all working parents out there in a heartbeat.

Mallika, Acme Minds, IT Park, Chandigarh

Mommy of a lovely daughter, Kyra

‘Brilliant’ would be an understatement to describe our experience with ‘Giggle and Grow’ and we are happy to have chosen GAG as our parenting partner.
Initially sceptical of sending our 1.5-year-old daughter to the day care, we went through the guilt trips of being an irresponsible parent etc. etc. But the entire emotion vanished when we found the team GAG as doting and more pampering than we could ever be.
When Ritvik said, see the difference in your child in 6 months, we were not sure. But it proved right to every word of it. They work on the overall development of the child ranging from social to cognitive and even the motor skills. We could never dream that playing with those truck tyres would help Kyra to hold her pencil effortlessly or  eat her ice cream without spilling a single drop.

(Simer & Kanwar)preet, Infosys, IT Park Chandigarh

Lovely couple of a naughty daughter, Meharveen

Best day-care for the child's development in every aspect. The staff is very supportive and talented. It's a second home to my daughter. We cherish all the moments shared by Giggle And Grow till date and never feel that we have missed something while Mehar was growing up. Thank you celebrating every occasion and keep us updated with her day to day life. Kudos to Team GAG!

 Neha & Atul, Infosys, IT Park, Chandigarh  photo

Neha & Atul, Infosys, IT Park, Chandigarh

Parents of our first toddle, Aahana

In my opinion, Giggle And Grow is the best childcare of tri-city and I am lucky that my child is a part of it. Aahana was 8 months old when she joined and ever-since the staff has been equally caring and loving which helps me to work stress free for hours knowing that she is in safe hands. Respect & love to Team GAG!

Sarita & Mandeep, Bricle Web, Near IT Park Chandigarh

Proud parents of our first child THREE years ago, Kavya

2.5 years old and the first child, since then we have only seen this place giggling and growing in the truest sense. Kudos to the team for putting the lovely effort collectively in all the kids. They consider us as their extended family and the feeling is definitely mutual!
Thank you adding the Defence Taekwondo Academy so Kavya can still be associated in the evening care while she is safe and learning at the same time. Highly recommend the place because we were the first one to bring our child into the GAG family and glad to still be there after all these years!

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